Support and Managed Services

Support and Managed Services

At Blue Simplific we offer a range of services around management and support to be able to tailor our services to the customer needs. With our expert support, you will always have a quick response to incidents, changes, and questions 24/7.

As an organisation, it is increasingly hard to employ staff with sufficient breadth and depth of knowledge to implement, support and manage the security technologies required in today’s world, and where customers do not have the sufficient skill they leave themselves exposed.

We have expert engineers with the capability to support and manage all technologies from our core partners. This enables us to support our customers with a guarantee around the quality and responsiveness of our services. Given the occurrence of attacks today and the potential damage and cost that a breach inflicts, customers need to minimize any chance of being successfully attacked.

Blue Simplific offers the next generation service desk with the ability to access the engineering teams through multiple channels. Every custom will have 24/7 access to a self-service portal. In addition to the self-service Blue Simplific can offer 24/7 monitoring tools and portals, which will provide customers with a complete view of everything that is happening in their infrastructure.

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