Endpoint protection

Endpoint protection

Blue Simplific can provide next-generation endpoint security solutions which cater to today’s IT environment. It is no longer adequate to have a traditional AV solution in place to protect your PCs. Organisations today have a plethora of endpoint types i.e. Desktops, Laptops, mobiles, and tablets running a handful of different operating systems and accessing the internet anywhere anytime.

The frequencies of malicious attacks still happen at the perimeter, but the majority of successful breaches happen at the endpoint. Given the mobility of users today an increasing amount of sensitive data is accessed and reside on end-points which are located outside the normal perimeter of your business. It is therefore increasingly important to protect your endpoint.

End-point protection today operates on several threat vectors, which in combination provide you with proper protection of your end-points. As a part of our solutions we will assess the following to design a solution which caters for your organisation:

  • Laptop and desktop environment
  • Mobile environment
  • Server Environment
  • Applications accessed inside and outside your perimeter
  • Home/mobile working

Once we have assessed your environment we will work with you to design end-point protection solution which:

  • Provides Anti-virus and Malware protection
  • Protects customers from signature less and 0 day threats
  • Conduct behavioural analytics for users
  • Continually evolve protection through machine learning
  • Allow centralised policy based control for users
  • • Provide an external sandbox for executing unknown threats

We generally use common components in our solutions, whereby we can standby the designs and offer a service offering which suits our customer.