Breach Detection

Breach Detection

Working out when you have been breached is hard in today’s world of perimeter-less networks, mobility, and cloud services. To be able to ubiquitously detect breach you need to collect and analyse events and data for every possible point where a breach can occur. Blue Simplific works with leading threat intelligence partners and analytics technologies, which identify threats and breach from different aspects of your infrastructure.

Blue Simplific can offer classic SIEM solutions, traffic based breach detection and behavioural analytics. All of which can be bought as dedicated enterprise platform or as a hosted service.

Blue Simplific next generation hosted SIEM and analytics platform enables smaller organisations to achieve the same level of detection and analytics at an affordable price; or enables larger organisations to focus on their core business while getting a more predictable cost for breach detection moving forward.

In addition to delivering the technologies, tools and analytic engines that enable customer to detect breach, Blue Simplific can offer an end-to-end breach detection service where our qualified engineers will proactively monitor and analyse events and advise customers of breach and assist in any rectification and remediation required.

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