Security Information and Event Management

Blue Simplific delivers Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) on-premise or as a SaaS service. We can provide platform only solutions...

SIEM as a Service

SIEM as a Service provides organisations with an overview of events taking place in their network, to quickly identify threats and malicious user behaviours...

Technology Implementation

Blue Simplific has the expertise to help customers implement security solutions which incorporate one or more of our partner technologies.


Endpoint Protection

Blue Simplific can provide next-generation endpoint security solutions which cater to today’s IT environment. It is no longer adequate to have a traditional AV solution in place to protect your PCs. Organisations today have a plethora of endpoint types i.e. Desktops, Laptops, mobiles, and tablets running a handful of different operating systems and accessing the internet anywhere anytime.

Internet of Things

The IoT(Internet of Things) can transform business and create value, but only if the IoT ecosystem is secure. With IoT Agent from Blue Simplific, you can leverage high-assurance IoT security to drive innovation.

Most IoT threats result from negligence, lack of compliance, and rationing of funds and resources. Therefore, enterprises should occupy pro-actively in the management of their IoT devices and networks. Ensuring a diligent routine in monitoring and scanning their IoT networks can evade most IoT security challenges. Above all, enterprises should choose a cybersecurity partner like Blue Simplific, which secures your IoT networks at all levels and at all times.

Cloud Security

When organisations migrate to the cloud, they don’t just change their consumption model for a particular application or services, they also change where their data is located and their ability to protect this data. While the applications and services available from Amazon, Microsoft, and a range of reputable SAAS providers are natively secure as platforms, organisations still need to secure the use of those applications and the data which reside on them.

SIEM and breach detection

Blue Simplific SIEM solutions combine traditional SIEM with advanced analytics, information enrichment and breach detection capabilities. This enables our customers to identify critical events in vast amounts of events generated in their IT infrastructure. The average time to detect a data loss or breach for organisations is 207 days, which often means that remediation is futile.

Data Security

Data has become a vital part of day to day business, and protecting such assets has become increasingly difficult, due to the increase in volume of data and the advancements in both IT environments and data breaches. Blue Simplific can provide next-generation data protection solutions, which find and secure your data in dynamic ways.

Security Consultancy and Testing

Every organisation must ask them self whether they have the appropriate security measures in place to protect them against the continuously increasing threat and compliance landscape. Blue Simplific works with organisation to assess their infrastructure, network, and processes to identify any gaps which may exist.

The complexity of the market inevitably makes it hard for customers to understand the risks to their business and which technologies are appropriate to mitigate any risk that are identified. It is hard enough to understand how a single technology works let alone how technologies work in conjunction with each other, and how each technology has a dependency on the other technology to ensure a complete mitigation of threat.

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